Click Tracker Library

This page lists the public files for the Click Tracker.

Software by João Pais

Click Tracker Library

This page hosts the public library of Click Tracker files.

Click Tracker (for computer or android device) is a program designed for composers, conductors and instrumentalists working with modern music. The main goal of the software is to prepare a click track of any score, no matter how complex it is. It can also be used as a programmable metronome. You can find further information in the original website.


The Click Tracker library is a growing project. Its contents were inputted by individual musicians or by the project's author, and are here provided as is, with no warranties of completeness or correctness.
The contents are provided in both txt and mp3 formats. For practical reasons, no wav format is stored online – if you wish that format, you can use the Click Tracker to export it on your own, or contact me for more details.
The mp3 format is ready to use, but it's advised that you download the txt file and try it out with the Click Tracker. Only then you'll have full access to the software's advantages, such as scale tempi, locate bars, and others. See the Click Tracker page for a full list of features.

Track List

The table is sorted ahphabetically by composer name, then by work name. Click on the link to download a txt or mp3 file.

Composer Work Comment
Applebaum, Marc Catfish txt mp3
Applebaum, Marc Narcissus-Strata-Panacea txt mp3
Badalo, Inés Grid txt mp3
Baltakas, Vykintas b(ell tree) txt mp3
Barret, Richard Tract II txt mp3
Bauckholt, Carola Die Flunder txt mp3
Bauckholt, Carola Oh, I see. txt mp3
Bauckholt, Carola The Port of Thessaloniki txt mp3
Birtwistle, Harrison Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum txt mp3
Camarero, Cesar 33 maneras de mirar un vaso de agua txt mp3
Carter, Elliot String Quartet 1 2nd Movement txt mp3
Cendo, Raphäel Scratch Data txt mp3
Christensen, Christian Winther Four Hyper-Realistic Songs For Quintet 1st Movement txt mp3
Czernowin, Chaya FardanceCLOSE txt mp3
Czernowin, Chaya Die Kreuzung txt mp3
Czernowin, Chaya Sahaf txt mp3
Czernowin, Chaya Tris txt mp3
Czernowin, Chaya String Quartet txt mp3
Durieux, Frédéric Étude en Alternance 1 (Version 1) txt mp3
Fedele, Ivan Corrente txt mp3
Feldman, Morton Palais de mari txt mp3
Feldman, Morton Piano and String Quartet txt mp3
Feldman, Morton String Quartet II txt
Feldman, Morton Clarinet and String quartet txt mp3
Filidei, Francesco I funerali dell'anarchico Serantini version for 6 players txt mp3
Filidei, Francesco Tre Bagatelle Movements 1+3 txt mp3
Filidei, Francesco Erpice txt mp3
Furrer, Beat Spur txt mp3
Gander, Bernhard Schlechtecharakterstücke 1st Movement txt mp3
Gervasoni, Stefano Antiterra txt mp3
Grisey, Gérard Vortex Temporum 1st Movement txt mp3
Hoffmann, Robin 5 trainingseinheiten 1. Ausdauer txt mp3
Klartag, Yair Six Memos from the last Millenium txt mp3
Kyburz, Hanspeter Réseau/4 txt mp3
Lang, Bernhard Differenz/Wiederholung 2 1st Movement txt mp3
Lang, Bernhard Differenz/Wiederholung 1 txt mp3
Lang, Bernhard Differenz/Wiederholung 1 Alternative txt mp3
Lang, Bernhard Differenz/Wiederholung 3 txt mp3
Lanza, Mauro Mess txt mp3
Lanza, Mauro La coquille de l'escargot txt mp3
Lebaron, Anne Noh reflections txt mp3
López López, José Manuel Estudios sobre la Modulación Métrica Estudio II txt mp3
Maiguashca, Mesias I can breathe txt mp3
Neto da Costa, Luís Illustrate Internal Clouds txt mp3
Nørgård, Per Bach to the future txt mp3
Poppe, Enno Trauben txt mp3
Poppe, Enno 17 Etüden for flute txt mp3
Poppe, Enno Filz Solo txt mp3
Poppe, Enno Fleisch txt mp3
Poppe, Enno Schmalz txt mp3
Poppe, Enno Thema mit 840 Variationen txt mp3
Repe?kait?, Justina Broderie txt mp3
Ribeiro, Ricardo Kreise part III txt mp3
Schöllhorn, Johannes Vor Augen txt mp3
Seidl, Niklas Concrete and cars txt mp3
Seidl, Niklas Das verschmierteste Leben der Doreen Klax txt mp3
Seidl, Niklas Gefallen txt mp3
Seidl, Niklas Ich mag müll txt mp3
spahlinger, mathias off See comments txt mp3
Steen-Andersen, Simon Besides txt mp3
Steen-Andersen, Simon String Quartet Nr. 1 txt mp3
Steen-Andersen, Simon Study for String Instrument 3 Instrument txt mp3
Steen-Andersen, Simon Study for String Instrument 3 Video txt mp3
Torvund, Øyvind Healing Music and Other Chamber Works txt mp3
Zimmermann, Walter Wustenwanderung txt mp3

How to contribute to the library

You can contribute to the Click Tracker project in several ways:

Support the Click Tracker's development

See in the Click Tracker page on how to support its development – be it financially or in any other way.

Commission click track files

If you can't work with the software yourself, you can commission me (or anyone else) to prepare click track files for new pieces.

Let us know of any mistakes

If you notice any errors in a file, let us know. Ideally, already sending the correct version.

Contribute with track files for the library

The further the library grows, more musicians will be able to benefit from it. You can support this by sending me your txt files to be hosted here. If you send a file, I suggest you follow these conventions:

File name

Name the file "[Composer's last name]_[Work title].txt", such as "Bauckholt_Oh I see.txt". Further details such as movement number can be added after a hyphen, such as "Bauckholt_Oh I see-mov1.txt".

File content

First, check the tutorial on how to prepare a click track file. When it's clear for you, add the following information as comments: See any of the files in the track list for examples.

For more informations/requests contact me.

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